Watch: Bill and Marge Bradshaw for the freedom to marry

Bill and Marge Bradshaw of Orem know what love and commitment look like.

As the parents of five children—and grandparents to 18 grandkids—they have always put love and support above all else. When their son Brett came out—Marge and Bill made it clear that nothing changed their love for him. And it’s why the Bradshaws wanted to share the story of their family in the effort to win the freedom to marry for everyone in Utah.

Watch and share our new TV ad airing statewide today, featuring the Bradshaw family and help inspire others to support and speak up for the freedom to marry:

We have undeniable momentum behind us, but we want to make sure everyone in Utah understands what’s at stake when marriage is denied to loving and committed same-sex couples.

The Bradshaws’ ad begins airing just days before the brave plaintiff couples behind the Kitchen v. Herbert case travel to Denver and head back to Court to fight the state’s appeal of the decision which struck down Utah’s marriage ban.

Can you spread the word by sharing the Bradshaws’ video with your family and friends?

Our thanks and gratitude go out to Bill and Marge Bradshaw for being so generous and open about themselves and their family. Now, it’s up to the rest of us to keep working until the freedom to marry is the law of the land in Utah.